The LIVE group program for IMPACT DRIVEN service providers and coaches that want sell their offers consistently without selling their soul on social media 

Welcome Ambitious Lady!

Are you ready to have a standout brand and become the go-to within your industry?

You’re ready to finally feel like you're being intentional in business and your daily actions are moving towards your bigger vision

You want to start filling offers with ease and your business to start bringing in CONSISTENT recurring revenue

But right now it feels a little far off, you're showing up daily, you have an amazing offer but it's not flying off the shelves...

You're tired of watching everyone around you succeed while you're riding the waves

Let me introduce you to…

Ready to finally reach those 3-5k months while maintaining balance in your life? You're in the right place!


The program that will teach you everything you need to know to start, build and grow your online business. From marketing, sales and client experience to building a solid CEO mindset

Imagine having an abundance of high-ticket clients that bring stability and security to your business all while making a huge impact!

Imagine finally being able to leave your 9-5 or say goodbye to shift work to pursue something that you actually enjoy!

Imagine launching that group program and having multiple enquiries!!

It's all achievable for you!

First things first,

Who am I and why am I telling you that I know it's possible for you? 

Because I was exactly where you are! 

I was showing up every single day, doing the same things, observing what the successful business owners were doing and trying to replicate it 

One day I got tired of riding the income roller coaster and decided enough was enough and I was going to get support with my gaps

Then I found my framework. I found the thing that worked, and that was focusing on three key areas that:

-Grew my audience
-Nurtured them 
-Sold to them

All while looking after me so I could show up, sell and serve to the best of my abilities

And that's when Thriving was created...

In this 16 week course you will receive weekly live teachings and coaching where I will teach you everything you need to know to finally get your social media content to convert your audience into paying clients 

I know right now you've probably go the outline of an offer, you may even have a few clients but nothing seems consistent 

You're posting online but the results aren't pouring in... You know you need support with getting your business fully off the ground

Does that sound familiar? Then this is the perfect program for you!

Here’s a glimpse of what the course covers:

- Getting clear on your big vision and creating a successful schedule of a CEO
- Crafting an irresistible offer 
- Building your community through powerful AF content
- Embracing an unapologetic sales strategy
- Establishing credibility to become the go-to expert
- Developing a resilient mindset for success

Current Investment:

Pay in Full: £1800
(Payment Plans Available)

Apply Here!

Apply Here!

Apply Here!

So when do we start?

We will kick start with a private 1:1 after you apply and then you'll be added to the group calls  

All calls will be recorded so you can have lifetime access but also you can catch up if you're unable to make any live

I know right now you feel overwhelmed with social media, you're trying different content strategies, doing what the gurus have told you but your offer still isn't filling up 

You know consistency is key but you're starting to wonder if you're repeating a process that just doesn't work 

In Thriving I will quickly establish your gaps and help you to build a strategy that not only builds your community but gets them ready to pay you every time you drop an offer! 

My bespoke strategies have supported business owners in selling out offers while living their lives. Imagine 5k months while still prioritising your health and social life! It is possible!!

I look at each business owner as an individual and can help you to fill your cup while selling out offers you love!

I’ve helped so many service providers just like YOU turn their dream of having a business that brings time and financial freedom a reality

I helped G, a social media manager that was earning less than 4 figures a month build a marketing agency, hire multiple team members and hit consistent 4 figure months

I helped J go from 0 clients and 0 clue what she was doing to signing high ticket retainer clients, quitting her job and making 18k in sales in 1 month!

I helped G hit her first 5 figure launch scale her business and consistently hit 5k months

I helped C make 8k in one week - She'd hit a slump in her business when she came to me and couldn't see past it!

And this was all while they were having fun and showing up authentically!